Nashville, TN • February 17-19, 2023


Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 9-10:30 AM

Leadership and Workplace Bullying

Katherine Mohr, MA, BS, CRA RT (R) (CT), Advanced Imaging Manager, University of Maryland Medical Center

When workplace bullying has become embedded in an organization, a myriad of potentially negative effects, on both the individual being bullied, as well as the organization they work for, begin to emerge. Loss of productivity, diminished job satisfaction, lowered commitment to the job, and ultimately, leaving the organization are only a few of the adverse effects felt by individuals on the receiving end of an active workplace bully.

This is an informative discussion that focuses on providing leaders with information that will assist them in recognizing some of the signs that a workplace bully has infiltrated their group. We will also discuss how to effectively manage their team members before, during and in the aftermath of a workplace bully.

Katherine Mohr is an extremely energetic, resourcefully ambitious, CT department manager who works at a large, urban, academic training center, boasting the saving power of the “golden hour” in their level I trauma center. Katherine’s greatest on-the-job pleasure comes from mentoring. Witnessing the confident changes as each employee grows into a productively collaborative member of the team.

Katherine is a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland University, with a bachelor’s degree in radiology science and a master’s degree in leadership and management. Additionally, in November of 2013, she became a certified radiology administrator. In her spare time, Katherine is an adjunct instructor at the Community College of Baltimore County, teaching radiation safety to future CT technologists.

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