Nashville, TN • February 17-19, 2023


Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 2-3:30 PM

AI2: Artificial Intelligence or Analytic Informatics #ProveMeWrong

Angelic Bush, MSRS, CRA, RT(R)(CT)(MR), FAHRA, Administrative Director of Radiology, The University of Texas Medical Branch, and Curtis Bush, MBA, CRA, FAHRA, FACHE, Director of Imaging and Cardiovascular Services, HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center

AI means different things to different people. To some AI means Artificial Intelligence – space-age stuff and computers taking away human jobs. To others, AI is Analytic Informatics and turning all the data that we are fed into something operationally useful and impactful to operations and patient care. Join Angie and Curt Bush for a one-of-a-kind, audience interactive discussion on the impact AI has in health care.

Between Angie and Curt Bush there are 39 years of imaging leadership, 7 degrees and 10 certifications. Their careers span across 11 different health systems and 17 different hospitals. Needless to say, dinner conversations “BETWEEN THE BUSHs” are a spectacle of imaging entertainment. Angie will attempt to persuade you to see how Analytic Informatics has been and will continue to be the most impactful AI changing the way health care operates, while Curt will attempt to steer you in favor of Artificial Intelligence. They will discuss how both forms of AI are used currently, what we may be missing out on, and ideas on how to realistically make a transition, in favor of both AIs, from your current state of operations. The future is happening right now!

Angelic “Angie” Bush is a United States Air Force-trained radiology technologist who has been an imaging leader for 22 years. She is currently the director of radiology at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She holds a master’s degree in radiologic science administration from Midwestern State University. She has authored multiple peer-reviewed articles, spoken nationally on both cardiac and diagnostic imaging subjects, was president of the AHRA (2017-2018), an Aunt Minnie finalist for most effective radiology administrator in 2016 and 2017. An official “Yellow Rose of Texas” and a John Levitow Award winner. But she is prouder still to call herself a genuine data geek who simply loves the imaging field. She makes a game of stealing ideas from her husband, Curt Bush, and can often be found complaining about their 4 a.m. morning run that allows her to have an adult beverage that evening.

Curtis “Curt” Bush currently serves as the director of imaging services at HCA Houston Medical Center in Houston, Texas, a position he has held since May. Prior to that, he was the director of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, and has held director positions in Texas, Florida and Wisconsin. He has a bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine technology from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, and dual master’s degrees from Troy University in health care and business administration. Curt has spoken as several national and regional conferences; is a fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives, a fellow with the AHRA, and a certified radiology administrator.

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